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Tadika Nemo Bestari


Subang Jaya, Selangor


Preschool / Kindergarten / Tadika

Malaysian National Curriculum

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27 Jalan SS 14/2A


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About Tadika Nemo Bestari

Tadika Nemo Bestari is a licensed kindergarten, providing early childhood education, enrichment program and after school or before school child care services. We have children from the ages of 3 years old. Every class is taught by a Early Childhood educator who has a minimum of Diploma in Early Childhood, who is sensitive to each child's development program. Our classes are limited to only 15 children, to ensure every child receives the attention he/she requires.

Our Philosophy

We at Tadika Nemo Bestari believe in the "Theory of Multiple Intelligence" according to Howard Gardner. It provides a foundation for recognizing all forms of talents, abilities and skills in a child in the areas of

- verbal

- mathematical

- music

- spatial relations

- interpersonal and communication skills.

Through this approach, we are able to nurture, " A Confident Child with Positive Attitudes". We have successfully prepared every child over the last five years with the cooperation and partnership of the parents and community.

Our Approach

We at Tadika Nemo Bestari use the Thematic Approach. Every month we have a Theme, which is used in all their studies. It gives the children a vast exposure in certain topics, that is related and plays an important role in today's world.

Our Goals for a Tadika Nemo Bestari child by 6 years old, is as follows:

- Good communication ( reading, writing and speaking) skills in

* English

* Bahasa Malaysia

* Mandarin

- Has a well balanced development in the areas of ;

* Spiritual

* Academic

* Physically

- Well developed ability to analyze and solve problems

- Has a balanced appreciation in the creative aspects of arts and music.

- Has a firm foundation for a life-long learning experience.

- Well equipped child in literacy and numerical areas.

- Nurture each child in his/her self-confidence and self esteem

- Nurture each child's curiosity, inquisitiveness and expressiveness on any given area.

- Nurture each child's good habits in safety and hygiene areas

To understand our teaching strategies, periodic assessments, our partnership with family and community, social cultural celebrations and our environment, please call us to make an appointment and visit us. 

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