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Nurkids USJ2

Subang Jaya, Selangor

Bahasa Malaysia

Preschool / Kindergarten / Tadika

Malaysian National Curriculum

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No 2, Jalan USJ 2/2G, USJ 2


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About Nurkids USJ2
Established since December 2010. As we step into Nurkids, we shall immediately be welcomed into its sense of reputable quality learning environment and learning experience made especially for young Muslims. Over the years Nurkids’ constant and consistent new ideas have inspired many Islamic preschools and preschoolers to view Islamic teachings in a fun and motivating outlook. Nurkids ensures that the children are prepared with the skills necessary to be successful. Through a dynamic learning culture, high thinking orientation and leadership exposure activities, every child has a great start and is advanced.

Murni Hafiza Mohd Khan, the founder, owes much of her success with Nurkids to her background in Islamic education. Murni, who was an Nurkids Principal for many years, is responsible for syllabus design, and implementation of corporate and academic training courses. Yet, more important than their pursuit of financial freedom, they have always dream of creating the ideal world that will benefit everyone in every aspect of their lives. Overnight, their greatest concerns were centered around providing only the best for their children and giving them every opportunity to excel in life – linguistically, intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally, and especially, spiritually!

With a clear vision and mission to develop young leaders, Nurkids Enrichment centre or also known as Islamic Interactive Programme has grown to become a national class educational institution and the most reliable and trusted brand for the Muslim families. Nurkids aims to educate young learners to the highest academic standard in a safe, enjoyable, dynamic environment, balance with Islamic teachings and values that enable children to develop the highest potential in their intellectual, emotional and spiritual capabilities.

Nurkids program is an Islamic program and an Islamic childcare system that will cater your children’s mental, spiritual as well as physical needs. Nurkids program integrates the basic Islamic values and practices in the academic curriculum. This includes performing solah, practicing the recitation of du’a in children’s daily routines such as during meal times, entering and exiting the toilet, nap times and more as practiced by our beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. The system comprises of elements such as science curriculum for preschoolers aged 3, 4, 5 & 6, books, teachers lesson plan, experiment materials, teaching aids, posters and flash cards. Students will also be provided with their own fun filled experiment kits.

To this end, our founders believe that children should not just continue their parents’ legacy but instead, the next generation should be far better than their parents’ generation! And, this can only be done with strong learning foundation seeded early in their lives. They believe that children’s learning could be accelerated during the first six years of their lives when their tender minds are truly sensitive and in its high absorbency state.

In sha Allah the dreams will continue burning as they target to open 5,000 kindergarten worldwide by 2020. Those kindergarten will continue to serve the very main purpose it was built on, and that is towards building the betterment of humanity and produces great generation of Ummah, Insha-Allah.

To create holistic future kindergarten who help the world for a wonderful places to live in for Muslim.

To contribute and provide an integrated pre-school educational program suitable for the early development of the child that produce a wholly practicing Muslim
To nurture the growth of children in all areas of development with Islamic values
To develop and prepare the children to be Muslims of excellent character who are highly motivated to learn, and superior academically
To produce children that use Al Quran and As-Sunnah as guidance.
Maintain the highest quality product, using technology to reduce cost and enhance service levels.
To be the best company to work for whereby teachers, management and employees are treated as family.
To generate sense of security, trust, responsibility and independence in the child
Create a world recognized Islamic preschool brand.

“To Success in This Life and the Hereafter”

Management by Objectives
Continuous Learning
Care & Concern

Multiple Intelligences Teaching
Multi-sensory Learning Styles
Accelerated learning
Learning Through Play/Thematic Approach
Creative Curriculum
Whole Brain Learning
Integrated Learning Systems
Individualized and high personal touch - proven results
5Rs: Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic, Reasoning, and memoRzing
Taught by highly qualified and well - experienced teachers

Pre school Consultation
Curriculum Development
Soft Skills
School Holiday Program

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